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Shifen Old Street a popular destination in Taiwan for sky lanterns

Shifen Old Street is a popular destination in Taiwan for sky lanterns.

Sky lanterns are released as a way to make wishes, as I'm sure we all have hopes and dreams that we'd love to have come true! 

There's a lot of people who live in Shifen that sell a lantern you just have to pick any one of them and they will set you up with a lantern that you can write your dreams on.

Each side of the lantern has a different color, and they say you are supposed to write wishes for different facets of your life on specific colours (for instance, Red is for It also represents happiness, vitality, illustration and wealth), but really, write what you want, where you want!

Once you've transferred your wishes onto the lantern, you can bring it to the tracks to set it free! I hope your wishes and dreams come true!

The streets aren't that long and there are a lot of sky lantern stores, but there are also stores that sell quirky items, and snacks.

Being on an active train track, one of the interesting things to see at the Shifen Old Streets is everyone running off the tracks when the train comes down it. 

Want to get there:

Shifen is accessible via train from Taipei by getting on the train at Taipei Main Station.

Ride a train going to Ruifang Station and then transfer to the Pingxi Line to get to Shifen station.


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