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The majestic historical Temple of Fo Guang Shan

Try to visit the historic Temple of Fo Guang Shan this one of the most beautiful and massive temples I visited and you will learn a lot about real Buddhism. Fo Guang Shan is an international Chinese Buddhist monastic order based in Taiwan that practices Humanistic Buddhism. It is located in Dahu District, Kaohsiung is the largest Buddhist monastery in Taiwan. The Buddhist Museum (formerly Buddha Memorial Center) was constructed with the intention of the construction commenced in 2001 enshrining the Buddha's relic and lasted for 10 years.

 It was officially opened on December 25, 2011. It is an amazing Buddhist attraction place with Big Buddha and beautifully built pagodas. Each pagoda has a different theme like souvenir shops, books on Buddhism, video shows, restaurants, and cafes. The museum and places are very clean and you can enjoy the beautiful views of the museum. Maybe you get around two hours around the museum because of it so big and so peaceful inside the museum. The place is built about Buddhism and it's very unique built architecture. So I was amazed at the beauty of this temple when I first came here, I learned a lot about Fo Guang Shan history.

Address: No. 153, Xingtian Road, Dashu District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 84049
Tel no: +886-7-656-1921

How to get there: You could take a train or High-Speed Rail from Tainan to Zuoying. Then, from there, take a bus or rent a car to get to Fo Guang Shan.


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