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Try to explore the beauty of Dahu Wineland Resort and Strawberry farm

Are you looking for a scenic farm with a farm where you can harvest the fruits, try to explore the beauty of Dahu Wineland Resort? Here you will find an abundance of strawberries and you can pick the fruit yourself. Dahu Wineland Resort is one of the number one wineries in Taiwan and in Asia that produces strawberry wine. The strawberry season is December to April and more than 80% of the strawberries are grown in Dahu Township within Miaoli which is the most beautiful place where strawberries can be grown because of the good soil condition and weather.

Based on the area map of Dahu Township there are 50 strawberries farm in a land area of 90 km2. Did you know that they have a traditional planting method to make their strawberries grow beautifully and the amazing thing is that they sprinkle their strawberries plant with milk to make their strawberries sweet and creamer? Oh, that's so amazing.? Dahu Wineland Resort, has many strawberry delicacies such as strawberry vinegar, strawberry jam, strawberry Tufo, strawberry beam curd, strawberry pancakes, and strawberry flout rice lath and so on.

 If you want to taste their delicious menu just go to the first floor there is their retail area, on the second floor are handicrafts created by local people are available for sale. The third floor is where visitors can learn how these sweet, juicy strawberries are grown. If you are hungry for culinary and adventurous try to go up to the fourth floor at their local restaurant and be sure to enjoy and their meals to serve you. And then if you want to cool down and relax just go up to the top floor there you will find Dafu Township, a scenic panoramic view that you will enjoy the view.

Address: No. 24, Baliaowan, Dahu Township, Miali County 364, Taiwan
Tel no: +886-3-799-4986

How to get there: From Hsinchu Station just down the Miaoli station then exit left, you will see OK Mart there is bus # 5656 35 minutes rides to Dahu on the left side where you can see the big strawberries. Enjoy picking some strawberries.

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