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Visit the amazing Kenting National Park in Pingtung County

Do you want a sight that will ease your stress and worries? I know a place for best for you, Try to visit Kenting National Park, located in Hengchun Town, Pingtung County. Kenting National Park is the oldest National Park in Taiwan it was established in 1984. The National Park is very popular, there are so many tourists come here every year.

 Here you will enjoy many beautiful views like mountains, beaches, sunshine, and tropical climate. In the park, you will also find various animals such as mammals, reptiles, birds and fish species. Some of them are rare bull sharks, hawksbill turtles, and many land crab species. So bring your friends, relatives, and loved ones here to the Kenting National Park and be sure to enjoy the many beautiful sceneries around and taking some pictures in every species there.

Address: No. 596, Kenting Road, Hengchun Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan
Tel no: +886-8-886-1321

How to get there:
* Drive on your own;
 1.) No.1 Taiwan National Highway: exit from Kaohsiung Xiagang Interchange 👉 No. 17 Provincial Hwy (pass through Linyuan, Dongang, and Linbian to Xuidilao👉 No. 1 Provincial Hwy👉 No.26 Provincial Hwy pass through Checheng and Hengchun👉Kenting National Park
2.)No. 1 Taiwan Nat'l Hwy: Exit from Jiuru Interchange 👉 No.3 Provincial Hwy👉 No. 1 Provincial Hwy👉 No.26 Provincial Hwy👉Kenting National Park
3.)Jiuru Interchange 👉 No.3 Province Hwy👉 No.27 Provincial Hwy 👉 No.17 Provincial Hwy 👉 No.26 Provincial Hwy 👉 Kenting National Park

*From Kaohsiung to Kenting:
By High-Speed Rail;
- Take Taiwan high-speed rail to HSR Zouying Station, from there take Chung Nan Bus (Zuoying Eluanbi Route) or King Bus (Kuokuang Bus) Kenting Route to Kenting National Park

By Plane:
-Take a plane to Kaosiung or Fangliao Train Station, and then take a bus bound for Kenting.

By Train:
- Take Train to Kaosiung or Fangliao Train Station, and then take a bus bound for Kenting.

Kenting buses are available at;
HSR Zuoying Station 👉ground floor
Kao Kaosi Railway Station 👉 on the other side of the street across the station.


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