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Visit the amazing Pink Castle in Yunlin County

 Do you love pink? Try visiting Pinkcastle in Yunlin County and you will really love this place and you will definitely miss your problems because of the beautiful and diverse castle you will find. It's perfect to go out with your partners or friends and enjoy the wonderful views here at Pinkcastle. You can hide the paradise also find different vegetable and fruits plantation nearby. They also have a delicious menu that is revisited by many people like Pizza and Fruit tea in the Pink Castle Resto.

Went to the green tunnel and honey bee museum, they call it the Pink Castle and church. Many are located near the Pink Castle and you will definitely enjoy the beautiful scenery. If you are looking for good food there are restaurants near the pink castle you can visit such as La Famille, Zhang Xing Shaved Ice Mountain, A Guo Shi Squid Thick Soup, Touched Thousand Layered Cake shop and Inkpod Church. There are many attractive sights nearby in the pink castle such as Wa Nian Canyon, Honey museum, Gukeng green tunnel, Jan Fu Sun Fancy World and Guandi Children's House. If you want to overnight or relax there are so many hotel nearby in pink castle you can visit there.

Address: 646, Taiwan, Yunlin County, Gukeng Township
Tel no: +886-5-582-9520

How to get there:
- From any point of Taiwan ride Chu-Kuang express to Dounan (Yunlin) Train Station and take Bus 7106 to Huashan and get off at Ding Nanzai Station then walk for about 10-15 mins to Pink Castle.

- Another option, ride Tze Chiang Express (kwai-kwai) to Douliou Station then ride Bus 7704 or 126 to Huashan Coffee Avenue and get off at Green Tunnel Bus stop and walk for about 10-15 minutes to Pink Castle.

Entrance Fee: 150ntd, 50nt consumable
Open: Thursday to Weekend only 10am - 6pm


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