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Xiziwan Beach is a stunning and tranquil sea for adventurous tourists

Once again I discovered another great attraction of Taiwan it is the Xiziwan Beach located in Kaoshiung. It is a great place and a great sight for all the tourists.

On the western side of Kaoshiung City, at the foot of the southwestern end of Shoushan and north of Wanshou Mountain and south of the Qijin Peninsula, you will find a stunning sea of ​​Xizi Bay. It depicts a blue and yellow beach. Xizi Bay is famous for its sunset and natural reefs. It also overlooks the country of Macao. The mountains and seas around here are truly delightful to watch especially when the dusk comes to an end because the sea is so beautiful and quiet, the fishing boats are glistening. Getting here is about 20 minutes from the city center. Xizi bay is one of the eight beautiful places in Kaohsiung once the sunset is coming. At dusk, you will find a pair of lovers and have more poetic situations.

In this area, you will also find Sun Yat-Sen University, a wonderful University. You can find it in the Xiziwan Scenic Area, this campus is surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers. From the passenger service center on the left side of the campus, you can reach Xiziwan Beach. When summer comes, many tourists come to this beach to enjoy, play and swim.

How to get there?
Address: Lianhai Road, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City

Travel Information:
By Car:
National Road No. 1> Exit Dingjin System Interchange Road> National Road No. 10> Below Zuoying Duan Interchange Road> Cuihua Road> Zhonghua Yi Road to San Road-Jianguo San Road> North End Street> Beidou Street> Gushan Second Road> Linhai First Road> Mountaineering Street> Whistler Street> Lianhai Road.

By Train:
1. Take a high-speed train to Zuoying Station or the Taiwan Railway to Kaoshiung Station
2. Transfer to Kaohsiung MRT to Xiziwan Station
3. Take the Kaoshiung City Bus (99, Orange 1A) to Xiziwan Station.


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