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A Taiwan brokers in under investigation for an alleged NT$400 million illegal Trading

A broker which handled the Filipino workers in Taiwan has been under investigation due to alleged fraud. The authorities had found out that the broker is accepting remittances and had exceeded to  NT$400 million under I-remit a non-banking financial service provider based in the Philippines.

And aside from the violation of the Banking Act, It was also found out that they are charging an amount ranging from 1 to 3 percent on the transaction as service charge.

 The Hua-gong-ha Brokers is being investigated by the Taipei City Investigation Bureau. due to illegal trading between the Philippines and Taiwan. It was also found out that the Hua-gong-ha is operated by Yang Junyi who used to handle import and export trading as well as brokering foreign workers.

They are suspected of operating underground currency from Taiwan dollar to Philippine peso. If found guilty the company will face the Banking Act of Taiwan.


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