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Migrant workers found guilty and charged of NT$1 million in Taiwan for killing and eating dog meat

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In Taiwan, there were about 16 foreign migrant workers were found guilty of killing and eating a dog. And the court has charged them for about NT$1 million.

The ruling was issued in late December 2019 stating that four Vietnamese men, all employees of a water treatment plant in Fengyuan District, Taichung City, killed a black dog in October. 25, 2018 and they prepared food for 12 Vietnamese women and men including Nguyen Van Ban, Trinh Cong Tuong, Hoang Van Dien, and Nguyen Dinh Thi.

Due to violations of the Animal Protection Act, two of the four Vietnamese men, Giap Van Hong (53), and Nguyen Van Nang (37) were charged with paying NT$ 200,000 each and incarcerated for 40 days and 30 days. The remaining two Nguyen Qua Ng and Vu Van Truyen remained at large after being convicted.

According to the incident, the four men caught the black dog and hide it in the employee dormitory. They slaughtered the animal and prepared for a stew in the plant's staff kitchen. Local police and animal protection officials immediately went to the kitchen after receiving a report and arresting offenders for violating their law under the Animal Protection Act.

Police confiscated the remaining raw meat, dog's head, a kitchen knife and blowtorches that were used in dog preparation.

Giap Van Hong and Nguyen Van have already admitted the crime while 12 dog meat diners were charged with fines of NT$ 50,000 each and that fines have a total of  NT$1 million.

It said that 16 Vietnamese workers were informed by labor brokers that killing and eating dog meat was not allowed in Taiwan. Taiwan's Animal Protection Act passed a major amendment in mid-2018 that explicitly prohibits the killing and eating of cats and dogs because it raises penalties for committing violations.

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