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More photos recovered from the phone of an OFW in Taiwan and both of them are facing deportation

capture in YouTube channel of Raffy Tulfo in Action

Mr. Sonny Guzman a husband of an OFW in Taiwan has sought the help of Mr. Raffy Tulfo in his program Raffy Tulfo in Action after he found out that his wife is having an illicit affair.

According to Mr. Guzman, this December his wife seems had to change its behavior. Last October he and his son went to Taiwan because they missed her. During the vacation in Taiwan, They lived in a vacant house of his wife's employer. According to him, everyone can get in and out in that house. To fast forward his wife had given him a cellphone to be used.

So after the vacation, he and his son had checked the phone opening some applications and suddenly they stumble a sweet photo of his wife and a certain guy. So he became suspicious, he later downloaded an application for recovery of deleted photos. Right there and then he discovered plenty of sweet photos of his wife and a certain guy.

He then confronted his wife, at first she was in denial but later admitted that she had been in a relationship with a guy in Taiwan. But according to her, she has no more communications since March last year. Mr. Guzman then confronted that he has proof that they still have communication and ongoing relationship. Instead to apologize his wife proudly admitted everything according to Mr. Guzman.

Mr. Raffy Tulfo has promised Mr. Guzman to help him deport his wife and the guy. He promised that they will contact the corresponding government agencies and agency of his wife itself for fast deportation. They will also seek that both of them will be block listed in Immigration to prevent them from working and leaving abroad.

Watch the full episode below !!!


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