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OFW in Taiwan has complained the expensive NT$21,000 back and forth airplane ticket for a vacation

Most of the OFW is so happy going to the Philippines for Vacation especially during Christmas. Because it is the time you will be reunited with your family. But will you be happy if your back and forth plane ticket amount from Taiwan to the Philippines then the Philippines to Taiwan is so expensive for an economy flight?

One of our fellow Kababayan had taken his vacation this December has sent to us his complaint regarding his plane ticket because for him it was so expensive. Will you believe that his ticket for Taiwan and the Philippines back and forth is NT$21,000 or in Philippine money is approximately 35,450 pesos. "Holy shit".He also gives us some receipts from his co-workers wherein the amount of their plane ticket is NT$19,000 or 32,000+ pesos. And for clarification, according to him, he made a reservation 2 months before his flight in December 2019.

How can economy flight in China Airlines cost this too much price? His broker is known within Miaoli County, Taichung and some other parts in Taoyuan. According to our source, all their employees have no choice to buy their owned ticket and must obey their rules. All OFW under their jurisdiction have no right to buy a ticket and all of them also complained that from their dormitory they are fetch by a van from a ticketing company which is the partner of their broker. From their dormitory going to the airport, the car is kept on fetching from different places, sometimes it is overloaded with baggage and passengers.

And another problem from their counterpart ticketing company is that if they over baggage, a fixer from the ticketing company itself will ask excessive money and pretending to pay it in the counter then later it has gone. And if ever there are items that prohibited in the airport, they promised to return to the dormitory but sad to say not even a single item been surrendered to the management.

Another problem when returning to Taiwan, when you arrived for example at around 12:20 pm. Then expect you can go home or reached the dormitory at around 11:00 pm to 1:00 am because the car service is still waiting for other passengers from a different country to arrive.

We hope that MECO would do some actions on this broker and we believe that this broker had been complained in their office and also in CLA many times.



  1. Ano ba ang naaayon sa batas ng taiwan sa pagkuha ng tickets ng mga ofw na babakasyon? Kc sa ibang company pwede nman ang workerng kukuha ng tickets...

    1. garapal.. kelangan sila ang.kukuha ang ng ticket.. tapos nung nagbakasyun ako last 2016 11400 ang tiket.. kasi daw kasama na doon ang service papuntang airport.. susmeo punoan pala yung service.. pinagkasya pa yung napakaraming bagahe. daig pa ang.mrt sa manila sa sikip..
      tapos sasabihin pa sayu mas safe daw kaya ganun ang sistena nila...
      safe ba yang na overloeaded na yung minibus...
      tapos pag balik naman dito sa taiwan. 8 pm nakalapag na ko... hanubanamang alas 10 pa kami umalis kasi may hinintay pa....
      jesus maria y joseph. patawarin.... halagang 11400 economy... tubong lugaw yata sila doon... hindi lang tubong lugaw.. tubong monggo pa.. hahahaha...

  2. Replies
    1. Habang tumatagal lalong lumalala. Mga coordinator na bwaya kapwa pinoy pa man din. Kung ano anong broker pa meron literal na BROKER eh. Dagdag bawas pa ang sahod. Mga timawa. Pag may nagreklamo sasagutin agad ng WARNING LETTER para mapauwi nalang ng pinas. Sayang lang ilang taon nyo jan sa AUO.

  3. Nung ngbkasyon aq last year aq bumili ng ticket q bkit ba ang mhal mhal s broker tas ngbus n lang aq punta airport chiayi to taoyuan, anlaki ng ntipid q😊

  4. nalalgigil.. pangalanan nuu na kung anung broker yann... ang nakakinis talaga.. yung sila ang.magbobook ng ticket.. ang mahal..samantalang meron namang mura...


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