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Pinay OFW in Taiwan to be deported after being caught having an illicit affair

Screen shot from YouTube 

Yesterday, January 10, in the Episode of Wanted sa Radyo a husband of a OFW in Taiwan namely Sonny Guzman had sought for help to Mr. Raffy Tulfo because he discovered that his wife is having an illicit affair in abroad.

According to Mr. Guzman his wife went to Taiwan July 2017 and for almost 2 years he and his son did not see his wife, so the family had decided to go in Taiwan for a vacation because they already missed each other. While on the vacation his wife have given him a second hand smartphones to used.

Then after the vacation, He and his son is exploring the smartphone and suddenly they stumble a sweet photos from his wife with another guy. So from that on he became suspicious. He later installed an apps that would restore some deleted photos and he was shocked to saw that there are sweet photos a certain guy and his wife.

He then confronted his wife on the matter, at first his wife is denying the photos which he and his son discovered but eventually she admitted the affair and insisted that it was 7 months ago and they have no more communication with that guy.

But despite the admission and apology, Mr. Guzman wants her wife and the guy to be deported, so he seek the help in the program of Mr. Raffy Tulfo. The well-known Broadcaster have the promised to contact the agencies of both suspects. And the program will also contact the corresponding government agencies and will call the POEA to put on the list of unwanted workers so that they cannot anymore work abroad.


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