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Taiwan imposed a maximum of 3 surgical mask is allowed to purchased amid of virus outbreak

Amid the scare of Wuhan coronavirus in the country, there are reported cases of panic buying of surgical mask. So the authorities has made action to control the situation. All individuals can only purchased a maximum of three pieces of surgical mask in a day.

The CDC had taken an emergency measure of releasing 6 million surgical masks to more than 10,000 convenience stores across the country. Currently, the supply of surgical mask at all convenience store around the country can just last for a day.

Yesterday, January 28, the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has released 6 million surgical masks into the market, according to Department of Commerce deputy head Chen Mi-shun.

The authorities has advised the public not to hoard surgical masks because factories will resume its operations on January 30, right after the Lunar New Year.

Meanwhile, all who will be going out the country are advised not bring over 5 boxes of surgical masks to avoid hoarding.


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