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Taiwan President Tsai Ingwen said the country will produced 4.2 million of mask per day and ban exports

In Taiwan, January 30, 2020, during the presidential news conference held at presidential building, President Tsai Ing-wen is closely monitoring the production of surgical masks in the country. This is to address the scarcity of masks amid the rapid spread of 2019 nCoV.

Starting January 28, individuals can only buy a maximum of 3 surgical masks for NT$8. And all who will be going out the country are not allowed to carry more than 5 boxes of surgical mask to avoid hoarding and control the supply level.

During the news conference, the president has warned anyone who will be hoarding  and over pricing of surgical masks will face the consequences. Taiwanese authorities to impose a month-long halt on exports of medical-grade face masks. Reported in Straights Time.

President Tsai has said that factories in Taiwan will produce 4.2 million mask per day after Lunar New Year to address the problem.


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