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Taiwan's COA to deploy additional 300 staff at Airports to prevent ASF this Lunar New Year

The risk of African swine fever had increased thus makes the 11 countries in the region to have reported cases. That is why the Council of Agriculture (COA) will mobilize 300 members of staff to prevent the virus from entering Taiwan during the lunar New Year holiday reports said on Wednesday.

During the holiday period, thousands of Taiwanese are expected to travel around the region and so authorities are worried that they might buy goods and banned meat products from overseas while traveling. On Chen's visit to Taipei's Songshan Airport, he said that last lunar holiday China has been the only country where the African swine fever is prevailing since then it expanded to 10 other countries, therefore, requiring Taiwan's customs and immigration to be more alert this time.

At Songshan Airport an estimated 4,700 passengers from China, Japan, and South Korea are expecting to arrive during the holiday period.

Authorities will not only tighten border controls but also those 7,000 hog farmers around the country Chen said.

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