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A Chinese tour guide arriving in South Korea from Japan is contracting the coronavirus

Seoul, Korea - Another victim is reactivating a new coronavirus that is currently spreading in China. According to the Health and Welfare Ministry, it said that a Chinese tour guide had arrived in South Korea from Japan last Saturday, but unfortunately its test was positive for new coronavirus infection.

According to the Ministry, the Chinese tour guide said that while he was in Japan, he had contact with a person who had been infected with the virus. So when he arrived in South Korea he immediately consulted the doctors and took the test because it was recommended by him of the person that infected in Japan.

Last January 19, after staying with a Chinese tour guide in Japan for work he traveled to South Korea from the suburban airport of Seoul.

The mayor of Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province, said on Facebook that the Chinese tour guide had been stayed, presumed that he had acquired the virus in Japan while he was with the bus driver tourist and there the Chinese began to be infected with the virus.

The Chinese tour guide, confirmed in South Korea, is in the 12th case of the new coronavirus.

On Saturday aboard the government-chartered plane, the second group of South Koreans returned from China.

According to local media, amid the outbreak of the virus and its environments, 370 South Koreans returned home on the first chartered plane the day before, and 700 South Koreans evacuated from the Central Chinese city of Wuhan.


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