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ADVISORY: Temporary ban on Filipinos from Traveling to Taiwan

It's sad but true that the Philippine government has to adhere the "One China Policy"of Chinese Government.

Maybe due to closeness between the two countries but they forgot that Taiwan is a self govern country with well function government system and never been part nor under the government of China.

As per advisory of Department of Transportation and Communications- Civil Aeronautics Board, dated February 10, 2020. Taiwan is now included in places with existing travel ban.

All Filipino tourists who wish to visit the country of Taiwan are advised to temporarily cancel their plans. As well as going to China and its provinces of Macao and Hong Kong.

All foreign nationals except Filipino Citizens and with permanent visa that went to Taiwan, China, Macao and Hong Kong within 14 days will not be allowed to enter the Philippines.



  1. are Ph citizens but Taiwan ARC holders included in the restriction to fly out from Ph to Taiwan?

    1. ah, answered.. as long as you have Ph passport, restriction applies..


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