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Another magnitude 4.9 earthquake struck in Hualien County early morning of Sunday

Taiwan's earthquake update, Last night, February 15, the eastern part of the country were struck by a magnitude 5.5 earthquake with the depth of 10.5 kilometers and the epicenter was located 19.2 kilometers from SSW of Hualien County Hall at around 7:00 p.m. and 5 minutes after the first quake, the county was again struck by a magnitude 5.1 with the Depth 8.4 km with the distance of 18.1 km from SSW of Hualien County Hall.

But in the USGS report, the eastern part of Taiwan has recorded a magnitude of 5.7 earthquake

This early morning of Sunday, February 16, another two earthquakes were recorded at around 3:16 a. m. with a magnitude of 4.0 with an of depth 8.2 km and a distance of18.5 km SSW of Hualien County Hall. And at around 3:20 a.m. a magnitude 4.9 struck again 18.5 kilometers from SSW of Hualien County Hall with a depth of 6.2 kilometers.

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