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Below 10 degrees Celsius to bring more colder weather in Taiwan

A cold temperature warning for five cities and counties has been raised by the Central Weather Bureau (CWB). In northern Taiwan,  they will experience until Monday (Feb. 10,) a strong continental cold front.

In New Taipei, Taoyuan, Miaoli County, Hsinchu County and Kinmen County is under the yellow warning. The temperature will drop below 10 degrees celsius.

If the mercury in low-altitude areas was forecast to drop below 10 degrees Celsius, that's the time they will issue a yellow warning to the affected areas. While they used orange warning if the mercury will drop below 6 degrees Celsius within 24 hours or more.

According to CWB, in northern Taiwan, the weather forecast will range from 17-20 degrees celsius at the daytime. The central and southern parts country will have a temperature from 22 to 25 degrees celsius.

The northern coast and eastern Taiwan will be affected by the rain while in northern Taiwan and mountainous areas in central Taiwan will shower.

In the areas in the north of Tainan in eastern Taiwan, they will have high waves and strong winds and that includes the Green Island and Orchid Island, Hengchun Peninsula in the south and around Kinmen, Matsu Islands and outlying of Penghu.


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