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Mandatory wearing of face mask in all train stations to be implemented in Taiwan

As the Taiwan government has raised the country to high alert level due to Wuhan coronavirus. Several public places and transportation have follow and tightened its security measures against the tansmission of the virus.

The Taiwan Railways has announced to the public yesterday, January 31, 2020, that they are about to upgrade its preventive measures to control the transmission of the virus. They will expand the security by enforcing the passengers to wear mask when riding. Anyone who will fail to follow the regulation will be prohibited to use the service.

Sanitizers and Thermometers are being provided in all Trains Stations in the country.

Sanitations are being observed in Station lobbies, Vending Machines, Waiting areas, elevators and comfort rooms.

Note that the mandatory wearing of mask in all Train stations will only be implemented if the epidemic case in the country get worsen.

The management has also assures the public that all trains are being clean and sanitize everyday.


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