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Nearly 100 people are being traced and self quarantined after having contact to an Indonesian Caregiver with Corona Virus Disease

The authorities have tracked the previous movements of the undocumented Indonesian migrant worker who was been diagnosed with Corona Virus Disease last February 26.

Based on the investigation, a friend of her, who is working as factory worker in Kaohsiung and a resident of Gangshan District had visited her in Taipei which later fell ill,

The factory worker had visited a local clinic last February 25, after having a sore throat. It was also traced that she went to a hot pot restaurant with her three friends, before she was taken to a hospital and quarantined on Feb. 26, said department official Pan Chao-ying on Friday.

Based on the investigation, the factory worker has traveled to New Taipei last Feb. 16 and returned to Kaohsiung via high-speed rail on Feb. 18. After arriving at Zuoying Station, she returned to her workplace in Gangshan via the metro.

And in the following days she mingled with almost 100 people, including friends, colleagues at the factory where she works and medical workers at the clinic she visited, according to the authorities.

Meanwhile, the caregiver was traced to have used public transportation in the Greater Taipei area and passed through Taipei Main Station several times from Feb. 16 to 24.

She also visited Taipei Main Station, the Shulin and Banqiao train stations, Taipei City Mall and Longshan Temple, and rode the Sanchong Bus "Blue 38" line, and the Taipei MRT Tamsui-Xinyi, Bannan and Zhonghe-Xinlu lines.


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