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OFWs' in Taiwan is not included in the ban but will strict to Taiwanese travel history

Taiwan is included in the temporary travel ban imposed by the Philippines, the Department of Health clarified on Monday. But the Philippines health official’s remark has been rebutted by the Manila Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei. Taiwanese are not, in fact, banned from visiting the country, but they are required to provide entry and exit documents showing their travel history for the past 21 days upon entry.

Taiwan has sent notice to push for a lift of the ban. The issue is set to be discussed on Wednesday (Feb. 12) at a meeting of the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases led by the Philippines Department of Health.

Domingo added Taiwan officials are asking the Philippine government to reconsider its inclusion in the ban. He said the inter-agency task force will meet this week to discuss the issue.

For clarification, OFW are not included in the ban, and also OFW from vacation can return to Taiwan.


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