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One of the ten patients in Taiwan with Wuhan coronavirus soon to be discharged

As of Feb. 2, in Taiwan, the 10 patients in Taiwan whose infected with coronavirus spread in China are now in stable condition. One of them can be discharged from the hospital next week.

According to Health and Welfare Minister Chen Shih-Chung in a press briefing on Saturday, no virus was detected in two separate sample tests from patients and the person expected to be released from the hospital next week. And he couldn't tell which patient it was.

As of 4 p.m this Saturday, a chief minister of Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) said that 964 people were suspected of coronavirus infection including the 10 people who were confirmed infected and 746 people ruled out as infected. He added that others were currently on quarantine, actually, 79 of them were taken tests and the results were negative for viral infection in the preliminary laboratory exam.

The CECC also said that on the other hand, it currently monitors 492 people interacting with 10 people confirmed in the virus case. It also included 34 people who reported the symptoms and 6 were still waiting for the results of their tests.

The novel coronavirus was first discovered in Wuhan, China last December and is currently being declared by the World Health Organization as a global emergency.

As of Sunday morning, A total of 14,380 confirmed cases and 304 had died, while 160 cases outside China and one of these had died in the Philippines last Saturday.


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