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Philippines lifted the ban after Taiwan cited a lists of retaliation

The Philippines will lift a travel ban it had imposed on visitors from Taiwan in a bid to control the spread of the coronavirus, a senior Philippine official and Taiwan's official news agency said on Friday.

The move follows a warning by Taipei of possible retaliation against the ban.

The Philippine official told Reuters the decision had been made but declined to be named until the agreement was signed. Taiwan's Central News Agency cited an unnamed source in the Philippines as saying the ban would be lifted.

Taiwan had made a list of retaliation yesterday.

Taiwan cabinet officials has made a list possible sanctions on the Philippines
1. Cancel pilot visa exemption for the Philippines
2. Cancel application for Philippine migration to Taiwan (Working ban)
3. Recall the Taiwan's Representative in Philippines; Request Philippine Representative to Return to Philippines 4. Suspension of Taiwan-Philippine agricultural, fishery and scientific research cooperation plan.
5.Stop Taiwan-Philippines air rights negotiations
6.Stop Taiwan-Philippine high-level, economic, trade and investment exchanges
7. Scrutiny of the Coast Guard's fleet at sea

Source: GMA News

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