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Taiwan government purchased and controlled all surgical mask from all manufacturers around the country

To control and avoid the scarcity of supply of surgical masks in Taiwan, last January 31, 2020. During the presidential news conference at Presidential Building. Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen has announced that the country will increase its supply of surgical masks for about 4 to 6 million a day to meet the demand in the country.

She said that the government will be purchasing all surgical masks from manufacturers around the country. Taiwan's government will have control of surgical masks to avoid hoarding and panic buying.

Recently, convenience stores around the country are selling surgical masks at NT$8 (13.50 pesos). Now the government will be selling surgical masks through over 10,000 convenience stores across the country for only NT$6 (10 pesos) each.

The price of NT$6 can't be lowered according to the President because of the logistic, production and market mechanism cost.

President Tsai thanks the business sectors for cooperating with the government. She also said that selling of surgical mask will be the same, a maximum of 3 pieces per individual can be purchased in any convenience store.

Exporting of the surgical mask is banned, and also sending through parcels is prohibited. And carrying a bundle mask outside the country is not allowed.


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