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Taiwan has confirmed the 18th and 1452 suspected case of Wuhan coronavirus

The commander of the Central Epidemic Epidemic Command Center, held a press conference on the pneumonia in Wuhan today to announce the 18th confirmed diagnosis in Taiwan. The patient was another 20-year-old son who announced the confirmed case of a couple in their 50s in the north on February 6.

A family of four in Taiwan transited through Hong Kong and traveled freely to Italy. After returning to Taiwan, their parents and 20-year-old brother had symptoms and were diagnosed with new crown pneumonia . The command center highly suspected that the 20-year-old brother was also infected. The diagnosis was the first asymptomatic infection in Taiwan.

Commander Chen Shizhong said that the 18th confirmed case was a case they actively monitored.

"Because one of the sons of the Youou couple had symptoms and the test was positive, we highly suspect that the other son has been exposed to the environment of family gathering. In China, he is likely to be infected, but in fact, he has no symptoms until today, and was found to be positive and confirmed by inspection." According to Chen Shizhong.

Chen Shizhong said that of the 18 confirmed cases in Taiwan, the first of them has been released from quarantine, and the other cases are still in observation. Among them, 7 started with pneumonia, 10 had fever, 12 had cough, and 3 had runny nose. Only one person had a slight fever to 37.9 degrees, and all of them had pneumonia, but the signs of life were stable, no oxygen was used in the hospital, breathing was normal, and they were still in hospital isolation. At present, there are 6 people who were negative in the latest collection and hope to recover gradually.

Chen Shizhong said that, as a whole, 1470 cases have been reported, including 18 confirmed diagnoses and 1300 excluded. I isolation tests (98 negative initial tests, the rest to be tested).

Chen Shizhong said that the number of deaths worldwide is 811, which is already higher than the 774 deaths in SARS.

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