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Taiwan ranked no.1 with fastest Internet in the world

In terms of Global Internet ranking, the country of Taiwan is now the newest holder of record with a Fastest Internet in the world. This was according to "Global League" rankings created by an online website builder review platform.

Taiwan has generated an average download speed of 85 megabits per second, which can download 5 gigabyte movie in just 8 seconds as cited in Website Tool Master according to Daily Mail.

Next to Taiwan with high speed Internet was Singapore with the British island of Jersey and followed by Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Norway rounding out the top 10.

Researchers found that 18 of the 25 countries with the fastest internet speeds were in Europe, while the average internet speed in the world has increased from 9 Mbps in 2017 to 11 Mbps in 2019.

While Philippines was ranked in 106th place out of 216 places around the world.

Source: Internet speed Rank per Country


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