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Taiwan to come up a retaliatory list against Philippines for imposing travel ban

As the Department of Health of the Philippines had announced late Monday that Taiwan is covered in travel ban. This causes chaos among travelers and thousands of OFW coming in and out of Taiwan. And several passengers were stranded in Manila Airport.

According to MECO Chairman Angelito Banayo, the Philippines may face a possible retaliation from Taiwan government. The visa free entry to Taiwan for Filipinos might be the first privileged to be cancelled due to the travel restriction imposed by the Philippine government.

He also added that President Tsai Ing-wen had already instructed her cabinets to come up a list of possible retaliation to the Philippines because the government of Taiwan clearly sees that the travel ban is not about the health issues but all political issues.

 Since 2016, when President Tsai Ing-wen had won her presidency, Beijing has lost contact with Taiwan. The current administration does not honor the "one China Policy." Ever since the first woman president of Taiwan had come to office, she already pushed the independence of the country. This is the reason why China is gripping the Taiwan government to give up its ambition of independence. But Taiwan is eager and now being recognized and has a strong unofficial relation with United States.

Another possible retaliation might be the change of workforce. Instead of choosing the Philippines, they might choose Vietnam and Indonesia. Currently, there are more than 157,000 documented OFW in Taiwan which is next to Indonesia and Vietnam.

Source: Inquirer

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