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Taiwan's seasonal flu death toll rises to 74 and 914 suffered serious infection

Seasonal flu always happened during winter season in Taiwan. This is different from Corona Virus Disease, last week another 14 new cases of death according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

According to the CDC Physician Lin Yung-ching in the new 14 cases of death, the 23 years old is the youngest among fatalities. And in the week of February 2, there are 82,856 people sought medical treatment at the hospitals across the country. The data is 19.5 percent lower compared to previous week.

According to Chung, the H1N1 virus is better known as Swine Flu.  It is the current major source of flu infections that are currently being experienced by residents of the Taiwan communities.  The virus is estimated to have a total of 84.5% affected people in the said country.  And for the test to take, it still takes a week to determine and knowing if the flu infection is contagious or not.

Based on the data presented by the CDC, there were 914 serious infections that were reported from October 1, 2019 to February 2, 2020, due to seasonal flu. Including 74 deaths.

Source: Focus Taiwan


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