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TSMC will give a total of NT$46.33 billion NT to their employees as an annual bonus

Taipei, Taiwan- Last Tuesday, when the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) has decided to give a bonus worth NT$1 million (US$ 33,298)to their employees as an appreciation for all the efforts they showed to help the company to gain more profit.

The total NT$46.33 billion to be given for the employees for the year 2019. The NT$ 23.167 billion is the profit sharing and NT$ 23.167 billion for the cash dividends.

The NT$ 1.03 million for 2019, that is lower 6% from the earlier years. This will be given to the 45,000 employees in the company by the month of July. For TSMC shareholders they will receive NT$2.5 for cash dividends from the fourth quarter last year. The posted earnings by the chipmaker are NT$ 4.47 per share.

The proposal will be approved in their annual general meeting on June 9 and the quarterly cash dividends will be released on July 16.

The company also approved the plan to unsecured the corporate bond on the local market to support the company's sacrifices to increase the capacity and reduce the pollution they will give NT$ 60 billion. At the moment, there is no exact date for the bond sale.

The TSMC is the first company in Taiwan Stock Market to give cash dividends quarterly instead of giving the bonus annually.

The cash dividend pays out was NT$2, NT$ 2.5 and NT$ 2.5 per share for the first to the third quarter. Total cash dividend per share was NT$9.5 for the year 2019 and its EPS stood at NT$ 13.32.

Last January in the investor conference, the TSMC record-high capital expenditure of US$ 15 billion to US$ 16 million for the year 2020.

Source: Focus Taiwan

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