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A bank in Taipei was robbed this morning

A bank was robbed this morning in Taipei, the suspect still at large according to the authorities.

This Monday, morning, March 30, 2020, at around 10:40 a.m. the bank of Panshin branch in Zhongshan District in Taipei was robbed by a man wearing in a black jacket, mask, and gloves.

According to the initial report, the suspect had shot the security guard on the leg with assault rifle and went inside and instructed the two clerks to put the money on his bag. The suspect was able to rob an amount of NT$800,000.

He went away using the getaway vehicle that he carnapped. According to the Police, the owner of the vehicle is a female taxi driver who reported that her vehicle had been stolen by someone in MRT Zhishan Station in Shillin, earlier in the day before the incident had happened.

The vehicle was later found abandoned in a ditched in Wenhua Road in Linkou area west of Taipei. The manhunt operation still ongoing and tracing every CCTV Camera around the places.

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