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KYEC Taiwan has raised its prevention level to the highest against COVID-19

Amid the COVID-19 concerns, some companies and dormitories in Taiwan are already taking their strict prevention. All employees are required to wear a mask, especially in electronic sectors upon entering the gates. then required to take a thermal procedure before going to work. The body temperature is being checked and recorded every day.

The KYEC company which is one of the giant electronic companies in Chunan Taiwan which exercises the highest level of prevention against COVID-19. It has installed a temporary divider in their dining hall. one table has 2 seats and has a divider in between. Talking while eating is prohibited. Their entrances and other vital places have an alcohol station while all lavatories are equipped with liquid soup. They also invest and installed a thermal imaging camera which is located in their main building. Vistors are required to wear mask, undergo body temperature and mandatory washing of hands at the guard house main entrance before going in to the building

The government of Taiwan has already raised their alerts to the highest level and mobilize all its local government to take an action amid the concern of COVID-19. At present, Taiwan has a total of 45 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

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