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TAROKO INT'L CO. LTD is now hiring applicants willing to Transfers

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Position: Machine Operator


Innovative technologies for better living

Taroko International Co., Ltd., originally Yung-Lih Optical Co., established in 1981 is a leading and professional manufacturer in Taiwan specializing in Polycarbonate optic lenses, Poly-carbonate Infrared Lenses, welding filters, safety spectacles and laser goggles. With skilled experience in manufacturing technology and innovation, Taroko continuously provides best products to our customers all over the world. Over past decades, our customers worldwide have appreciated Taroko’s efforts.

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GEMTEK is now recruiting transfer applicants

*Urgent hiring*

Gemteks Company is recruiting transfer

Position: Female workers .
Please submit your resume to
Ciaofu Management Office

Company Information:
Gemtek-a leader in wireless communication technology

Text Technology (stock code 4906) is currently the leading manufacturer of wireless networking in China. Founded in 1988, it has long been committed to the cultivation of wireless technology and is a world-class provider of complete solutions for wireless local area networks. The R & D team with rich experience and excellent capabilities in the field is one of the few domestic manufacturers that masters the key technologies of wireless LAN and broadband network.

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Almost 16,000 Chickens were culled in Southern Taiwan due to infection of H5N5 virus

Yesterday, Saturday, April 25, Almost 16,000 Chickens were culled in Southern Taiwan due to infection of H5N5 avian influenza virus. This was confirmed by Pingtung County Animal Disease Control Center.

A total of 15,826 Chickens were culled yesterday at a farm in Yanpu Township in Pingtung County.

According to the authorities, the owner had reported last Wednesday about the incident of strange death in his farm and based on the sample taken. Yesterday, the result came out that his farm has contracted the H5N5 avian influenza virus.

The agency has immediately took an action for culling and disinfection of the farm. And also they take samples on farms near 1 kilometer radius.

Taiwanese Association Inc, Philippines donated 1,000 PPEs to the 3rd district of Pangasinan

Taiwan Association Inc. Philippines donates 1,000 PPEs to the 3rd district of Pangasinan

A turnover ceremony for the donation of 1,000 units of personal protective equipment (PPEs) from Taiwan Association Inc. Philippines to the medical frontliners of the 3rd District of Pangasinan was held this afternoon with Joy Yen, Deputy Head of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines, present as witness.

The office of Deputy Speaker Rose Marie “Baby” Arenas of the Philippines’ House of Representatives, expressing heartfelt appreciation for Taiwan’s assistance during COVID-19 pandemic, will help distribute 1,000 PPEs to the local hospitals in Pangasinan.

“We want to do our best to help our Filipino friends to cope with COVID-19 crisis”, President Ya-Hui Huang of Taiwan Association Inc. said. Taiwan and the Philippines are not only close neighbors but genuine friends. The series of donation deeds from Taiwan Association Inc. served as the best evidence.

LOOK: KYEC Now Directly Hiring Layoff and Endo employees in Taiwan

Advised by HR, that KYEC will be having a Domestic Recruitment or direct hiring Factory workers (Male and Female) their contract is about to expire on AUGUST or SEPTEMBER 2020, for recommendation or for interested they can send their application, resume, CVs to

Yung lamang po matatapos ang kontrata ng AUGUST & SEPTEMBER to company that she/he recently employed.

Send a UPDATED Resume to:
Selected workers will be informed.

ONLY ENDO that is ready to transfer puwede daw mag walkin at 10 am , late comers is NOT allowed, weekdays only

1. Bring your passport, arc, resume and transfer letter, company contract
2. Atleast there is still 6 years reminding in Taiwan
3. Vocational and College education

Location: Zhunan KYEC

Kingyuan Electronics Group is mainly engaged in the packaging and testing business of semiconductor products. Its test revenue ranks second in the world and is the world's largest professional test plant.

Kingyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in May 1987. The head office is located next to the Fifth Interchange of Hsinchu Expressway in Taiwan. Invested in China's subsidiary Kinglong Technology and Zhenkun Technology. The production plant is located in the Suzhou Industrial Park in China. It also engages in the packaging and testing of semiconductor products. It is the Group's production and sales base in China and serves the mainland market nearby. In addition, it has business bases in North America, Japan, and Singapore to provide instant service to customers worldwide.

Plant Locations: Hsinchu, Chunan, Tongluo

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Simple Tips on How to Achieve a Successful Job Interview and Get the Position

In most interviews, the ability to communicate using the international language “English” is one of the qualifications that these companies admired. Because Filipinos are well-known to be flexible and can adopt easily on certain accents and learn different languages. However, there are still many individual that cannot land job easily because they find the processing difficult. The first thing you need to know is how to pass the interview stage.

So now, here are the basic tips on how you can get the position you are applying for.

1. Appropriate outfit is a must

Choose the outfit that would make you respectable. You should be neat and clean, and appealing. Make sure that the clothes you choose are well-thought-of.

2. Don’t be late. Be on time

Commitment to job is the most important quality of an employee that companies are looking for. Being late is not acceptable, so make sure your boss would have a good impression to you by not going to an interview late. Arrive at the venue 30 minutes before the interview, so that you can still relaxed and prepare yourself.

3. Observe proper decorum

It is a given that you need to shake hands with the interview before and after the interview. Sit properly and do not slouch. Be aware of your hand gestures. Put your bag on the floor, not on your lap or on the table, if there is one chair allotted for you. Make sure that your phone is switched off or on silent mode.

4. Emphasize your strengths 

Some recruiters and hiring managers will give out situational questions that will test your abilities and skills. The perfect way to address these is to provide with relevant situations that could highlight your strengths. If you are asked about your weaknesses, provide a very simple one. Simple enough for you to turn it to a strength.

5. Avoid beating around the bush

Be confident enough to answer the questions properly. Relaxed yourself and don’t make the interviewee feel that you are nervous. If you are asked to answer with yes or no, just answer appropriately, do not rumble your answers. Think before you speak.

6. Be remarkable

This is of course on the positive side. Do not leave negative marks using unwanted remarks. Be careful of the questions you ask.

7. Send a thank you email

Do not forget to thank your recruiter or hiring manager. This is also a sign of being eager in getting the job.

Taiwan rice stock could last up to 28 months, says President Tsai Ing-wen

Despite dwindling numbers of COVID-19 cases in Taiwan. The government does not make any ease on the rules being implemented in the whole country. For three consecutive rows in a week, the country has been proud of its zero cases of COVID-19.

Today, April 17, 2020. President Tsai Ing-wen had gone to check the status of food warehouses in Chiayi. She proudly announced this afternoon that the country has enough rice stock which can last up to 28 months.

She also checks and guaranteed that the vegetables, fruits, meat, and eggs have sufficient supply and sold at reasonable prices. She also mentioned that the excess rice stocks will be used to produce vaccine alcohol and also to aid foreign countries.

She encourages everyone to buy local foods to support the local farmers and to stabilize the domestic demand market and improve Taiwan's food self-sufficiency.

How to withdraw contributions from PAG-IBIG fund

PAG-IBIG fund serves as a saving for the future. The organization assures every member that they can withdraw their accumulated contributions including the counterpart contribution of the employer and the dividend earnings.

These are the conditions on how to withdraw his or her contributions:

1. Membership maturity

Every member must pay with a minimum of 240 months for PAG-IBIG Fund. For Overseas Program members, it depends on what option they had choose upon their application if it is five (5), ten (10), fifteen (15), or twenty (20) years of paying the fund.

2. Retirement

All PAG-IBIG members are informed that the required retirement age of a member is 65 years old. However, there are several options for retirement, these includes the following:

If the member has retired from the GSIS, SSS, or from other separate retirement plan. The member should be at least 45 years old to withdraw his or her PAG-IBIG fund.
If the member has reached age of 60.

3. Total or permanent disability or insanity

There are two categories of disability, permanent and total.
Temporary total disability that last continuously over 120 days
Loss of vision for both eyes
Paralysis of two limbs
Brain injury that may result to insanity or incurable imbecility
Other cases such as, diagnosed by a licensed physician to be permanent or total disability

4. Separation from work due to an illness or health issue

5. Leaving the country permanently

6. Death

Furthermore, those PAG-IBIG members who registered with PAG-IBIG Fund from 1995 to 2009, 10 years of maturity period is required to apply for provident benefits claim. For more information please visit the official website of the organization at

Savings Account to Open for OFWs

Banks here in the Philippines provide millions of OFWs options to WHERE to save their money for future use. Saving money is very much important not just for overseas workers but also those people who are working locally.

Here are the best savings accounts to open in the Philippines for OFWs:

1. BDO – Kabayan Savings Account
  • The initial deposit is only P 100.00 for peso account and $ 100.00 for dollar account.
  • Free life and accident insurance
  • Earn BDO Reward points from your savings and remittance

Note to Seafarers: Seafarers employed by POEA- accredited shipping companies may open a BDO Kabayan Shipping Dollar Account where they can directly credit their allotment.

Only $10 initial deposit, one (1) valid ID with picture, one (1) 1x1 ID pictures and a valid seaman’s book are needed to open an account.

2. BPinoy Savings Account
  • No initial deposit required
  • Cashless shopping via the Express Payment System (EPS) at accredited establishments nationwide
  • BPI Mobile Banking to monitor account balance, transfer funds, paybills or reload cellphones through BPI ATMs, BPI Phone Banking, BPI Online Banking through cellphone
3. Metrobank OFW Peso Savings Account
  • No initial deposit
  • Interest rate – Interest earning of 0.25% per year
  • Balance to earn interest minimum of P10,000
Requirement to open an account:
  • One valid government issued ID

4. PNB OFW Peso Account
  • Account balance should be minimum P10,000 or $500 for dollar account
  • 24/7 ATM access through PNB, Megalink, Bancnet, and ExpressNet ATMs nationwide


Steps on How to Look for Overseas Jobs at POEA Website

How to make sure if the Overseas Work Offer is Legit

Many Filipinos nowadays want to have better job opportunity abroad. The internet is a perfect tool and venue to find jobs that can help a certain individual, to have reliable job for their personal growth and for his or her family as well.

There are varieties of job opportunities online, since many websites are posting job offers here and abroad. Before applying for a job offer, make sure that the website is credible enough, because the need to find job for a living makes jobseekers prone to scams and wrong choice of job and employer. Any offer online must be POEA accredited websites or agency to avoid scams.

The Philippine Overseas Employment Agency aims to help Filipino jobseekers to find jobs from licensed agencies. POEA accepts applicants applying for jobs abroad and they ensure that there are valid job orders and employers looking for workers.

Visit the official website of POEA and follow the steps listed below.

1. Log in to and familiarize the home page. Scroll down and find and click the verification of Agency’s Job Orders. This page will help you browse for jobs abroad by country, by agency or by position.

2. If you want to browse job opportunities by position, you should type the job that you want in the space allowed and click submit. Use appropriate search term to expand your search.

3. Choose job opportunities at the top page and those that aren’t posted six months and above.

4. Get the names of the agencies or companies for your chosen jobs and check with the Recruitment Agencies option. This will help you know the status of the agencies and the complete information about the company.

While choosing company to apply with, be sure to check the location of the company, contact details, nature of the business, professional experience and employment process, and also its website to make sure if the company is legitimate. It should also POEA accredited in terms of business identity and security.

The Tallest Classical Hotel in Taipei illuminates for zero COVID-19 cases

TAIPEI - The Grand Hotel Taipei on Tuesday, April 14 illuminated 57 rooms to form the word "zero", while the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel in Kaohsiung flashed a smiley face, to celebrate the first day over a month that Taiwan recorded no new cases of COVID-19.

Health Minister and Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) head Chen Shih -chung announced that Taiwan recorded no new Coronovirus cases detected in the country, he said in a press conference last Tuesday.

Most of the confirmed cases was imported from other countries like Europe, Asia, and North America, since Taiwanese citizens traveled from these countries. Many were very terrified that these imported cases would create a second wave of infections to the country.

Fortunately, it appears the CECC's efforts at quickly identifying, isolating, and tracing the contacts of confirmed cases have held the virus at bay — for now. In other good news, Chen said all 214 of the Taiwanese citizens evacuated from Hubei province via charter plane in late March had been released from home isolation and begun self-health management.

In a Facebook post uploaded on Tuesday evening, the Grand Hotel Taipei announced that the famous landmark had formed the word "zero" with its rooms to "tell all of Taiwan and the world that we did it!" It then pointed out that bringing the number down to zero was no easy task and that continued vigilance is essential.

The hotel wrote that reaching zero was accomplished not only through the efforts of "all the heroes," but also the result of teamwork across Taiwan. The post closed by encouraging everyone to continue their hard work and emphasizing the importance of coming together to defeat the disease.

That same day, the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel in Kaohsiung used its hotel room windows to form a giant smiley face. On its Facebook page, the hotel wrote that it had created the smiley face to celebrate the first time zero cases had been reported in 36 days and promised to display new patterns depending on the news about the outbreak in the future.


10 Reasons Why You Should Not Become an OFW

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Nowadays, there are many Filipinos choose to work abroad than here in the country and we all know the reasons why; a higher salary to support the family, job opportunities, and personal growth. But have you ever thought about why one should not work abroad?

Before applying and make a decision to work abroad and be an OFW, make sure to consider these following reasons why going abroad may not be for you:

1. Don’t work overseas if you’re not sure the reason why you need to work to other countries

Working abroad is not an easy job, all must be considered just like leaving your family behind and be away from them for months or years, spend your life alone while doing your job, no family member will take care of you when you are sick. You should know your reasons why you need to work overseas.

2. Don’t work abroad if you are not 100% certain with your decision

If there are still doubts in your mind, you must remember this: working abroad requires a full commitment, because if you are already there you cannot just quit your job and go back at home easily. It is not as easy as you think how it should be.

3. Don’t go abroad if you are not willing to face hardships while working overseas

In every work place, self-discipline and hard work are the essential keys to survive and be consistent in your job. Working hours must also be considered because there are other company that requires employees to work 8 hours and 5-day working schedule and also overtime work.

4. Don’t work abroad if you are not independent

In the Philippines, you are used to the fact that you always have family, relatives, and friends who are always there for you in times of need. Unfortunately, once you go abroad no one will help you in terms of cooking, doing household chores, paying bills, taking care of you while you are sick, and etc. You will do these all, on your own.

5. Don’t go abroad if you are weak-minded

Before deciding to go abroad, make sure you have your 100% commitment for your job, courage, self-confidence, strength, and perseverance to be able to survive alone while working overseas.

6. Don’t go abroad if you are afraid to go out of your comfort zone

Working abroad means also living in different place, miles away from your family and friends, and leaving the lifestyle you had here in the Philippines. Being and OFW will make you away from your comfort zone. You must be flexible enough to adjust and grow on your own.

7. Don’t go abroad if all you’re going to do is complain

You must face all the hard situations while working. Problems and obstacles are always there, especially dealing with your strict employer and your co-workers. Rather than to complain, you must adjust and understand the situation and be productive in your job.

8. Don’t go abroad if you cannot swallow your pride

You will need to start from the beginning and work your way up. You have to perform tasks that you never thought you’d ever do when you were back home. You will also need to get along with your colleagues and be humble all the time.

9. Don’t go abroad if you cannot endure homesickness

Living to a different place is a difficult one. You are away from your family and friends and you can feel the homesickness while working overseas.

10. Don’t go abroad if you are not willing to make sacrifices

Working abroad requires sacrifice not just for yourself but also for your family. You must endure the feeling of loneliness away from them, be ready with all the challenges you might get encounter, and most importantly you must have a consistent communication with your family.
Always remember that all your sacrifices are for the brighter future of your family.

Those are the 10 reasons why you should not become an OFW. If you already decided to work abroad, all you need to do is have faith and don’t give up!

Raising Children While Working Abroad

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Nowadays, there are many Filipinos who are aiming to work abroad because of the pleasing opportunity waiting for them. Better life for the family and personal growth are most important reasons why they choose to go to other countries to work.

Working abroad is not an easy decision to make; it involves especially the family who will be left behind. Fortunately, there are those OFWs who are given the privilege to bring their families with them in the country where they are working. But in most cases, many Filipino families are left behind while one of their family members is working overseas.

Raising children while working abroad is such a challenging part in parenthood because even if you are away from home you must still guide your children and be a responsible parent to them. Children must still feel the love, care, and support of their parents.

However, this challenge is now being taking care of the technology we are enjoying right now. Internet will allow people and families to communicate to each other even if they are miles apart. Keeping in touch can build strong relationship to the family members, most especially to the children.

Tips on How to Raise Children Even Working Overseas

1. Explain to them the reason why you need to work abroad

As a parent it is your obligation to make your children understand your main reason on leaving them behind to work abroad. Tell them that you are doing it for the better life of the family, so that you can send your children to school, provide the needs of the family, and have a brighter future. In time, they will surely understand and appreciate all your efforts, hardships, and sacrifice for them.

2. Regular communication with your children

Take the opportunity to use the Internet to keep in touch with your children. They must not feel being lonely even if you are not with them, you must make time to call them regularly.

3. Ask your spouse or relatives about the progress of your children at school and at home

It is very important to check your children’s doing while you are away. You can simply ask your spouse or trusted guardian about your children, they are one who can ensure the safety and well-being of the kids. Discussing parenthood matters is such an important thing on knowing your children’s study habits, discipline, and personal growth.

4. Stay updated and involved with your children’s activities.

We all know that working overseas will make you away from the family, but this is not a hindrance to stay updated with your kids’ daily activities. Just like tip number 3, make use of the internet; ask them about their progress and weaknesses at home and at school. Celebrations must not also be forgotten, especially their birthdays, school programs, and contests. Make sure they can feel your full support and love for them.

5. Vacation time must be with the family

After months or years working abroad it is important to spend your vacation together with your family or relatives to have quality time and make memorable experiences together. Bonding with each other will make your family relationship strong.

We can say that being an OFW parent is a tough job indeed, but you can take it as a challenge. All your sacrifices for the family will eventually have a good result. You must always be a responsible parent, express love, care, and support for your family.

7 Benefits as a Member of SSS

Social Security System or SSS provide members with benefits that are essential to every individual to be insured for emergencies, retirement, and funeral grant. However, this will depend on how much contribution a member has given. There has been a news announcement that SSS is mandatory for OFWs, but even if it is not, it is really important to contribute to SSS to enjoy its benefits and claims once become a member.

The SSS is a government-run insurance program that offers health and retirement benefits to private sector employees as well as voluntary members, which include the self-employed, non-working spouses, and of course, overseas Filipino workers (OFW).

President Rodrigo Duterte recently signed the Republic Act 11199 or the Social Security Act of 2018. The new policy involved increasing the Monthly Salary Credit (MSC) of land-based, OFW-members from PHP 5,000 to PHP 8,000. It also raised OFW-members’ minimum SSS contributions from PHP 550 per month to PHP 960 per month. Consequently, this has also led to greater benefits for all members.

Here are the lists of SSS Benefits that an OFW member expects to avail:

1. Sickness Benefit

You should have at least three months’ worth of contributions within the last 12 months. You can receive a daily cash allowance for each day that you are unable to work due to a sickness or injury. It also applies if you have been confirmed at home or in a hospital for four days or more.

2. Maternity Benefit

 Similar to sickness benefit, you need to have at least three months’ worth of contributions within the last 12 months to qualify for maternity benefits. Female SSS members who recently gave birth or experienced a miscarriage may avail of a daily cash allowance from SSS.

3. Disability Benefit

 Those who have made at least 36 monthly contributions can qualify for a monthly disability pension. In case a member becomes partially or totally disabled because of an accident, he or she can apply for the disability benefit. Those who have not reached the same number of contributions would be granted a lump sum amount.

4. Unemployment Benefit

This is a new SSS benefit offered to those who have been laid off (terminated) from their jobs. It doesn’t apply to those who have resigned from their jobs.
The unemployment benefit is equal to 50% of the average MSC. For example, if your average monthly salary is PHP 20,000 – you could receive PHP 10,000. To qualify for this benefit, you should have at least 36 monthly contributions, 12 of which should have been made within the last 18 months preceding your involuntary unemployment.

5. Retirement Benefit

This benefit is given to those who no longer work due to old age, and is provided as a monthly pension or lump sum amount. Members who have reached 60 years of age and are no longer working may apply, as long as they have made at least 120 monthly contributions.
Members who have reached the mandatory retirement age of 65 years will automatically receive this benefit, regardless of whether they are still working or not.

6. Death Benefit

If you are the primary beneficiary (i.e spouse or dependent child) of a deceased SSS member who had made at least 36 monthly contributions, you can avail a monthly death pension. If the contributions are less than 36, you would still get a lump sum amount.
For those who have no primary beneficiaries, the secondary beneficiaries (i.e. dependent parents) would receive this benefit instead.

7. Funeral Benefit

If you paid for the burial expenses of a deceased SSS member, you may avail of funeral benefits - provided that you have made at least one monthly contribution as a self-employed, voluntary, or OFW member.


Steps on How to File for SSS Funeral Grant

Social Security System (SSS) members are provided with Funeral Grant as part of their membership benefits. Losing a loved one can be a challenging time for us not just emotionally but also financially. These benefits can be a big help for the family.

SSS Funeral Grant is granted to those who shouldered the burial expenses of the deceased member or pensioner. The amount of funeral grant has been increased from a minimum of P20, 000 to a maximum of P40, 000. However, this depends on the member’s contribution to SSS.

The following are the SSS Funeral Grant Requirements:

1. Fill up completely the SSS Funeral Claim Form (download from the SSS website or go the nearest SSS branch)

2. SSS Card or two valid ID cards/documents of claimant, both with signature and at least one photo.

3. Certified true copy of Death Certificate of the deceased member or in case the member died overseas, a certificate issued by the Vital Statistics Office/County of Host Country or its equivalent.

4. Original copy of the official receipt/contract from the funeral parlor for the expenses.

5. New residence certificate of the filer.

Visit the nearest local SSS branch after you completed all the necessary requirements for the SSS Funeral Grant. The officer in-charge will give a claim stub once the grant is already approved. But mostly, SSS will contact via SMS once the check is ready. 

5 Money Mistakes OFWs Should Avoid

Every year, thousands of Filipinos leave the country to work overseas. Millions of OFWs are working in different parts of the world. We all know the reasons why they choose to work away from home – to support the family needs, to have a brighter future, and personal growth.

Working overseas provides enough amount of salary that can be used to support the family, save, and invest. However, there are some OFWs who cannot still save or can’t control how much they spend the money they are earning. How can it be avoided?

5 Common Money Mistakes and How to Solve Them

1. Spending more than you can afford

Common mistakes of an individual or an OFW is spending too much, and not realizing they are not saving money or investing. They feel obligated to send remittances every month, without closely monitoring where their money goes. As a breadwinner or the one who is earning higher enough in their families, they have no choice but to send money regularly to support the family, and sometimes they fail to save money for themselves.

To avoid this, have a personal discussion with your family about on how much specific amount of money you are going to send to them every month, make it clear to them to spend the money wisely. You need to save money for emergency purposes and invest in a business to earn additional income.

2. Spending too much on yourself

This is also another common mistake. Some OFWs spend too much because they are confident that they are the one who is earning more. They tend to buy the things they really wanted from their previous work not realizing that they are spending money for unnecessary things. But it is not bad to buy things to treat yourself once in a while; you might be focused on buying expensive things higher than your salary.

Here’s a tip: Save more instead of spending money, this way you can live your life simple but insured. You can use your savings in case of emergency or investments for extra income.

3. Spending to impress others

Many OFWs get into the habit of bringing “pasalubong” (treats) every time they go home as well as shouldering expenses for lavish feasts or parties. After all, they would rather spend too much than be called “Kuripot” (miser) by their families and friends. The fact that most Filipinos seem to think that OFWs are “rich” only perpetuates these habits.
While there is not wrong with giving treats to your loved ones, spending all your savings on one “gimmick” after another is wasteful. You wouldn’t want to be broke after you vacation right? Besides, your family and friends will understand if you’re not extravagant with money.

4. Not having insurance

Most Filipinos eventually don’t have insurance because it seems like an additional expense including also OFWs. Having insurance is very important especially to OFWs because we are not sure about the future. If emergency might occur, life insurance or medical insurance is a very big help. Consider giving a part of your salary for your insurance.

5. Not preparing for retirement

Most Filipinos don’t consider the fact of saving money for retirement because of lack of salary earning and thinking they have still plenty of time. Remember you cannot work forever; the time will come that you can no longer perform the job you are working because you are already old. As early as now, you must consider applying for a retirement plans with your employer or your country of employment.

Avoid making these mistakes in order to save money for emergencies and for investments. You can also read about financial literacy and management. With this, you are insured to provide a brighter future for your family.


Taiwan show an e-mail sent to defend WHO allegations

TAIWAN - The  Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) on Saturday, April 11, showed an e-mail it had sent to the World Health Organization (WHO) last December 31, 2019, to defend the allegations of the organization against Taiwan, that it has never mentioned about the possible human-to-human transmission of Coronavirus.

Taiwan and the WHO, in particular its director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, have been engaged in a heated exchange, with the latter even accusing the island country of “racism.” The remark has stirred widespread indignation in Taiwan, with citizens launching petitions to counter the WHO chief’s allegations.

Health and Welfare Minister Chen Shih-chung showed the details of an e-mail to reveal the that they had told WHO about the emergence of an atypical virus.

“News resources today indicate that at least seven atypical pneumonia cases were reported in Wuhan, CHINA. Their health authorities replied to the media that the cases were believed not SARS; however, the samples are still under examination, and cases have been isolated for treatment,” the message said.

“I would greatly appreciate it if you have relevant information to share with us. Thank you very much in advance for your attention to this matter,” the e-mail concluded.

The message showed that the WHO’s response amounted to an example of “insiders speaking like amateurs,” Chen said Saturday. Anyone with medical training would understand the message as saying it meant patients should be isolated, the minister added.

Chen called on the WHO to actively resolve the situation and not to commit one mistake after the other by trying to divert attention away from real problems.


Taiwan launches ID based mask vending machines

TAIWAN - ID based mask vending machines were rolled out in Taipei on Saturday (April 11) to minimize the difficulty of the citizens on purchasing masks due to COVID-19 pandemic. 

The machines allow people to purchase masks via multiple payment options using their NHI cards for ID verification. This system is in collaboration between the city government's technical task force, industry players, and the National Health Insurance Administration.

It will only took 30 seconds to complete the purchase. It is also reliable and can save time for people who are busy especially office workers, cannot easily go to pharmacies to get one, senior citizens, and those persons who are not into technology on cellphone app-based mask rationing system. This is according to Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je, who personally tried the new service.

Building on its experience introducing smart vending machines on a host of high schools and elementary schools last year, Taipei has drawn on the expertise of Micro-Star International Co. (MSI), a local IT company that designs and provides computer software and services, to develop the mask-vending machines.

MSI incorporated telecommunications, mobile payments, an interactive display, and AIoT technology in designing the machines, the first of their kind in Taiwan, reported Liberty Times. The company believes the invention will help relieve designated mask distributors of their burden while ensuring that personal data are not intruded upon.

During the trial run, there will be three machines installed at the capital’s Xinyi District Health Center before the service is expanded to all of Taipei’s 12 administrative districts, said Ko. More stress testing will be conducted so that the service can be implemented nationwide with the assistance of the central government, he added.


LOOK: Taiwan has only recorded one case of COVID-19

TAIPEI — Taiwan confirmed the one new Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases Thursday (April 9), bringing the total for the country up to 380.

The new case was the roommate of previous case from National Taiwan University. This was confirmed by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) in its daily news conference.

Of the 380 infections, a total of 326 had been imported from overseas, with 54 domestic transmissions.The total also includes five deaths and 50 patients who have returned home after treatment at hospitals.


GOOD NEWS: Caritas Manila a catholic church based social service agency provide P1 billion worth of aid to poor families

photo from FB page of CBCP

The biggest Catholic Church-based social service agency, Caritas Manila has aided around P1 billion worth of gift certificates to the poor families who had been affected by the ongoing Enhanced Community Quarantine.

The Caritas Manila has been distributing door to door a gift certificate worth P1,000 to more than 4 million families in the greater Manila area. The beneficiaries are come from at least 633 parishes in Manila, Diocese of Cubao, Antipolo, Imus, Malolos, Paranaque, Caloocan, Novaliches, San Pablo, and Pasig. According to Radio Veritas.

Aside from grocery vouchers, Caritas Manila has also been distributing "safety kits" to fight COVID-19 and also they been providing food bags to poor families.

The Caritas Executive Director Fr. Anton Pascual has been thankful to some business groups who helped raise the fund for their "Oplan Damayan"

"During this pandemic, let us to unite and help each other as one Christian community," Fr. Pascual said.


Taiwan added 3 new COVID-19 cases, remains low for over a week

TAIPEI — Taiwan confirmed three new Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases Wednesday (April 8), bringing the total for the country up to 379.

The imported cases numbered two in all, while one local case transmissions was reported, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) said at its daily news conference.

The two imported cases had been to Spain while the other one had traveled to Indonesia.

Of the 379 infections, a total of 326 had been imported from overseas, with 53 domestic transmissions.The total also includes five deaths and 50 patients who have returned home after treatment at hospitals.


Taiwan to donate over a million of surgical masks to southbound countries including Philippines

TAIPEI - Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Tuesday that the government of Taiwan plans to donate another batch of surgical masks to affected countries with COVID-19. Over a million pieces of maks are to be given, based on the government's New Southbound Policy (NSP).

About seven to eight NSP countries will be provided with surgical masks from the help of Taiwan, as well as countries outside Asia-Pacific region, this was according to the Head of MOFA's Department of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Baushuan Ger, on a brief briefing in Taipei.

The surgical masks will be provided primarily to healthcare workers in these countries to assist them in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, Ger said.

An official familiar with the matter, who asked not to be named, that the countries will include Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Myanmar and Indonesia.

The 18 countries under the NSP, which was launched by the Democratic Progressive Party government after President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) took office in May 2016, are the 10 member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, along with Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bhutan.

Asked if Taiwan will also be donating masks to Japan or South Korea, both of which have been hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic since it first erupted in China last December, Ger said that neither of the two have so far asked for help.

With regard to four of its Pacific diplomatic allies -- Palau, Nauru, the Marshall Islands and Tuvalu -- the MOFA official said the ministry is continuing to provide both technical and medical assistance to these countries in their efforts against COVID-19.

On April 1, the foreign ministry announced that Taiwan will be donating 10 million masks to countries seriously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, including the United States, 11 European countries and 15 of the country's diplomatic allies.

Two million will be sent to the U.S., 1 million to the 15 allies, with the remaining 7 million going to Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Poland, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, according to a MOFA press release.


A Taiwanes Material Scientist Peter Tsai invented the N95 respirator masks

TAIPEI - Coronovirus pandemic continues to affect not only the people around the world but also the economy. Medical frontliners are i need of N95 respirator masks to lower their infection risks against COVID-19.

For the information of everyone, Dr. Peter Tsai a mechanical engineer and material scientist invited the N95 respiratory mask. He has been accredited to invent the electrostatic charging technology needed to produce N95 masks, the highest quality medical masks known to health professionals.

The "N" in the N95 stands for "not resistant to oil" while the "95" implies the masks' ability to block at least 95 percent of 0.3 micron particles, which may include viral droplets, dust, pollen, and air pollutants from factories and cars. Tsai's invention enables regular masks to filter out ten times more air particles — essential for frontline medical workers dealing with continuous viral exposure.


Taiwanese research team were able to obtained "Monoclonal Antibodies" to treat COVID-19 patients

TAIPEI - Twenty-five human monoclonal antibodies based on antibody gene segments from three patients infected with COVID-19 has been produced by a Taiwanese research team.

According to Huang Kuan-ying, a resident physician at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital the leader of the research team, that the success of the study could develop rapid screening kits and also medicine to treat COVID-19.

"Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are immune system proteins that are created in the lab. They are made by identical immune cells that are all clones of a unique parent cell. Like the body's own antibodies, mAbs recognize specific targets."

"The mAbs, made based on antibodies in B cells of the patients, are 13 strains targeting the spike protein (S) of the coronavirus and 12 strains targeting the nucleocapsid protein (N) of the virus."

"B cells are a type of white blood cell that make antibodies. They are part of the immune system and develop from stem cells in the bone marrow. They are also called B lymphocyte. Since the antibodies can identify the virus, they are useful in two areas, including the development and production of rapid testing agents and if such antibody testing agents react to tissue samples containing the virus, they can show the result in a minimum of 30 minutes. " according to Huang.

The other area in which they can be used is therapy, Huang went on, because mAbs are regarded as "magic bullets" that can cure some infectious diseases.

His team found that there is one particular strain among the 13 S-targeting mAbs that has the ability to block the paths that the new coronavirus can use to invade the body, Huang said.

He explained that for the virus to enter cells, it has to integrate with the cell receptor, angiotensin converting enzyme 2, which is an enzyme attached to the outer surface of cells in organs.

"The receptor is like a gate. If the virus outflanks an antibody to open it, the body will be infected," the researcher said. "But if the antibody opens the gate first, it has the opportunity to stop the virus from entering cells."

Shih Shin-ru (施信如), a professor at the Research Center for Emerging Viral Infections of Chang Gung University, said this certain mAb, which was found capable of stopping the coronavirus from invading the body, can be used in the development of COVID-19 therapies or even vaccines if it is proven effective in human tests in the future.

Compared with animal mAbs, those from humans will be safer to use in medical treatment, she added.


Taiwan recorded 10 new cases of COVID-19, total of 373

TAIPEI — Taiwan confirmed ten new Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases Monday (April 6), bringing the total for the country up to 373.

The imported cases numbered nine in all, while one local case transmissions was reported, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) said at its daily news conference.

Of the 373 infections, a total of 321 had been imported from overseas, with 52 domestic transmissions.The total also includes five deaths and 50 patients who have returned home after treatment at hospitals.


LOOK: Medical Expert Team from China have arrived in the Philippines

Look, the Team of Medical Expert have arrived in Philippines this Sunday April 5, 2020.

Last Thursday the Chinese Embassy said that the government of China will send a team of medical experts to help Philippines fight against COVID-19.

The medical team is composed of 12 Chinese doctors and nurses who are on top of their fields and have enough expertise in various fields such as critical care medicine, respiratory and infection disease control and prevention, and traditional Chinise medicine.

China earlier offered to help the Philippines battle the disease as hospitals were swamped with COVID-19 patients and suspected cases. China earlier sent protective gear and COVID-19 testing kits to the Philippines.

The Department of Health earlier said it would be preparing accommodations and translators for the team members who will share their experience in Wuhan, the central Chinese metropolis where COVID-19 first emerged late last year.


Taiwan recorded eight new imported cases of COVID-19

TAIPEI — Taiwan confirmed eight new Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases Sunday (April 5), bringing the total for the country up to 363.

The imported cases numbered eight in all, while no local case was local transmissions was reported, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) said at its daily news conference.

Of the 363 infections, a total of 312 had been imported from overseas, with 51 domestic transmissions.The total also includes five deaths and 50 patients who have returned home after treatment at hospitals.


LOOK: Taiwan's has recorded 7 cases of COVID-19 which shows decreasing numbers

TAIPEI — Taiwan confirmed seven new Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases Saturday (April 4), bringing the total for the country up to 355.

The imported cases numbered six in all, while one new case was local transmissions, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) said at its daily news conference.

The local transmission was a man in his 50s. No. 352 had not traveled overseas and had developed symptoms last March 30, lost his sense of smell and taste last April 1 which is the common symptom of infected.

Of the 355 infections, a total of 304 had been imported from overseas, with 51 domestic transmissions. On Taiwan’s main island, only the relatively sparsely populated east coast counties of Hualien and Taitung still had not registered any coronavirus cases as of Thursday (April 2).
The total also includes five deaths and 50 patients who have returned home after treatment at hospitals.


A man fell in Shimen Reservoir in Taoyuan found dead after 4 hours of search and rescue operation

The Taoyuan City Fire personnel was on search and rescue operation effort this morning after they received a call that a man was fell in the Sontai, Shimen Reservoir damn.

At around 5 in the morning when the fire station of Taoyuan had received the report and they immediately deploy the search and rescue team to the area. Boats and Jet-ski were used to rescue but it was only at around 9:17 am the dead body of a man was found. The Police are investigating further on the said incident.

European Union calls Taiwan to stop executing inmates

After another execution of inmate happened last April 1, 2020. The European Union's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has condemned the action of the government of Taiwan. And they reiterated that they strongly opposed the execution of the death penalty under any circumstances and they called Taiwan to stop any execution.

According to the EEAS, " the European Union opposes the use of the death penalty, arguing that the death penalty is a cruel and inhuman punishment, which is neither deterrent, but also denies the dignity of human nature"

Last Wednesday, afternoon, April 1, 2020, when Minister of Justice Tsai Ching-hsiang had signed an order of death sentenced to a 53 years old Weng Jen-hsien who had been convicted for killing six people.

The convict had killed his parents, the caregiver, Nephew, and niece and later his wife by setting fire of their home in Longtan District in Taoyuan City last February 16, 2016. And four of his relatives were able to escape but sustained injuries.

At present, there are 39 remaining convicts waiting for their execution. The last execution that happened last was August 31, 2018. This is the second time under the presidency of Tsai Ing-wen when inmates had been executed.

President Duterte has fired PACC Commissioner Luna for urging NBI to investigate VP Robredo

MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte has fired Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) commissioner Manuelito Luna for urging the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to probe Vice President Leni Robredo for supposedly competing with or undermining the national government’s efforts to combat the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

In a surprise late night public address Friday, Duterte said Robredo is only doing the right thing when she called for support from private sectors to provide assistance to COVID-19 frontliners.

"That is just right, asking help from your fellow men. Now here it is, I have someone who is a lawyer at the PACC, Commissioner Manuelito Luna, who wants to place Leni under investigation for soliciting. You’re son of a… When I heard this, I told them to fire him," President Duterte said.


A fine of NT$3,000-NT$15,000 awaits for violators in Taiwan who will not wear face masks in public transport

Due to some passengers are not abiding the rules in wearing face masks in public transport. This afternoon, April 3, 2020, the CECC Taiwan head has announced the more strict fines for violators. Anyone who will refuse to wear mask and argue with the authorities will be fine from NT$3,000 (US$99) to NT$15,000.

The Transport Department of Taiwan has announced last March 31, 2020 that starting April 1, 2020, all passengers who will ride in all public transport will be required to wear face masks.

According to Minister of Transport Lin Chia-lung (林佳龍) announced tonight (3/31) that starting tomorrow (4/1), all passengers will be required to take a comprehensive temperature measurement on all mass transit systems.

"If they have a fever, they will refuse to carry. In addition, passengers must wear masks to board MRT, Taiwan Railway, High Speed ​​Rail and passenger transportation." said Lin.


BREAKING: DOH reports 385 COVID-19 new cases,total of 3,018 and 29 new fatalities

MANILA - The total number of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases nationwide increased to 3,018 after the Department of Health (DOH) reported 385 new cases and 29 new deaths on Friday.

In its daily update, the Health Department said the latest fatalities brought the death toll up to 136.

As of Thursday, 1,275 people have tested negative for COVID-19, while there are 1,154 persons under investigation and 6,321 others under monitoring for possible infection.

Bocaue-LGU, bought the vegetables from farmers of Mt. Province to use as relief goods

Farmers in Mountain Province had a problem on how to sell their vegetables due to COVID-19 crisis and Enhanced Community Quarantine implemented in Luzon. Fortunately, the local government unit of Bocaue, Bulacan bought all their vegetable products to pack as relief goods for the residents.

Over 13,200 kilo of vegetables were bought by the Bocaue-LGU.

Due to the difficulty on how to sell their products, most of the vegetables were damaged and cannot be sold already, that's why farmers decided to just throw them all. Farmers trading post cannot accomodate all the vegetable products resulted to unsold vegetables in their stock room.

Farmers appeal to the government regarding their current problem, the local government of Bocaue heard the sentiments of the farmers thats why they decided to buy the vegetables and use it as relief goods especially to the senior citizens.


Taiwan records 9 new COVID-19 cases, total of 348

TAIPEI — Taiwan confirmed nine new Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases Friday (April 3), bringing the total for the country up to 348.

The imported cases numbered seven in all, while two new cases were local transmissions, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) said at its daily news conference.

The local transmissions were both women: one in her 60s and one in her 40s. No. 343 had not traveled overseas, but her husband returned from the United States on March 17.

No. 347 had not any recorded travel history either, but she had been in contact with patient No. 336, one of the new cases announced Thursday (April 2).

The imported cases were five women and two men and ranged in age from more than 20 to more than 60. The patients had traveled to a variety of countries, namely the U.S., Great Britain, Denmark, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Thailand. They had entered Taiwan between March 14 and April 1, according to the CECC.

Of the 348 infections, a total of 298 had been imported from overseas, with 50 domestic transmissions. On Taiwan’s main island, only the relatively sparsely populated east coast counties of Hualien and Taitung still had not registered any coronavirus cases as of Thursday (April 2).
The total also includes five deaths and 50 patients who have returned home after treatment at hospitals.


Joey Salceda calls for 2-week extension of Luzon Lockdown

House Committee on Ways and Means chair Joey Salceda on Thursday called for an extension for two weeks of the implementation of an enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in Luzon.

In a statement, Salceda said a premature lifting of the ECQ was "against science, economics, and history."

He said there were two critical factors in fighting the COVID-19 disease, namely, mobility and isolation tendency.

Salceda said that no reputable source in the medical community had suggested to "shorten the lockdown."

Instead, Salceda said they proposed to even implement it to at least six weeks to avoid premature lifting of restrictions and triggering a massive wave of new infections.

Salceda reiterated his call of a massive testing for COVID-19 in order to "confront the enemy."

It was Caloocan City Representative Edgar Erice who earlier proposed to extend the ECQ for another month, considering that the novel coronavirus has not been fully contained yet.


PGH will use the blood of COVID-19 survivors as antibodies to heal other patients

The Philippine General Hospital encouraged COVID-19 recoveries to donated blood to those patients in critical conditions right now due to Coronovirus.

PGH will be the first hospital in the country to attempt a convalescent plasma transfusion, which was reportedly used in the epicenter of the disease in Wuhan City, China to heal patients in severe condition.

“Ang mga pasyente pong ito [na] napatunayan na negative sa COVID-19 ay nagtataglay po ang kanilang dugo ng antibodies laban sa virus na ito,” PGH spokesman Dr. Jonas Del Rosario explained.

Antibodies, as defined by the Center for Disease Control, are proteins produced by the body to neutralize or destroy toxins or disease-carrying organisms.

COVID-19 survivors who wish to donate their blood may reach the PGH through Dr. Sandy Maganito at 0917 805 3207.


Quezon City's COVID-19 cases climbs to 464

The Quezon City government late Thursday said the total number of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases in the city soared to 464, according to the Department of Health (DOH).

The number of COVID-19 cases with complete addresses in Quezon City is now at 310, which are still subject to validation, it added.

The total number of validated cases by the QC Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit is only 174 so far.

The Quezon City government, meanwhile, said it has recorded 6 new fatalities, bringing the total coronavirus-related deaths to 33, also with 3 recoveries, raising the number to 14.

Eighteen barangays in the city have been placed under extreme enhanced community quarantine.

Gov't of China to ban eating cats and dogs

CHINA - The first city to follow the new rule of China is the city of Shenzhen. This is with regards to stop the consumption of cats and dogs in the whole country after the outbreak of COVID-19 began in Wuhan.

The government said that under the new rule it will be illegal to eat animals raised as pets, thia will be effective on May 1, 2020.
In February, following the coronavirus outbreak, China passed a law to ban the consumption of wild animals.

Now Shenzhen will prohibit the consumption of state-protected wild animals and other terrestrial wild animals taken from the wild, as well as captive-bred and farmed terrestrial wild species.

In addition, the consumption of animals raised as pets, such as cats and dogs will also be banned.

Animals that can be consumed include pig, cattle, sheep, donkey, rabbit, chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, quail, as well as aquatic animals who are not banned by other laws or regulations.

"If convicted, they will be subjected to a fine of 30 times of the wild animal's value, if the animal is above the value of 10,000CNY [$1400 USD]," announced authorities.

The coronavirus outbreak is thought to have started at a wildlife market in the Chinese city of Wuhan, and authorities have acknowledged they need to bring the lucrative wildlife industry under control if it is to prevent another outbreak.


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