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CECC: Taiwan's businesses should close if social distancing will not be followed

TAIPEI - Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center said that those business places that can't follow social distancing protocol are advised to close the premises temporarily to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The social distancing guidelines required the people to have at least one meter apart outdoors and keep a minimum space of 1.5 meters indoors. If they can't do this in difficult situations, they should wear face masks especially in crowded places, such as on the mass rapid transit (MRT) trains. According to CECC head and Health Minister Chen Shih-chung.
During this first phase of social distancing, people are also advised to avoid attending events such as exhibitions, sports meets and concerts, where it is difficult to avoid close contact, according to the CECC.

The CECC's guidelines are not enforceable in the first phase and carry no penalty at the moment.

In the second phase, however, penalties will be introduced, the CECC said but did not give specific details.

When the second phase takes effect, the social distancing guidelines will be expanded, with a ban imposed on all non-essential activities, the CECC said.

Furthermore, the guidelines on the spaces between people indoors and outdoors will apply in all cases, whether or not people are wearing masks, the CECC said.

The timeline for the implementation of the second phase of social distancing regulations will depend on the pandemic situation, the CECC said.


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