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Raising Children While Working Abroad

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Nowadays, there are many Filipinos who are aiming to work abroad because of the pleasing opportunity waiting for them. Better life for the family and personal growth are most important reasons why they choose to go to other countries to work.

Working abroad is not an easy decision to make; it involves especially the family who will be left behind. Fortunately, there are those OFWs who are given the privilege to bring their families with them in the country where they are working. But in most cases, many Filipino families are left behind while one of their family members is working overseas.

Raising children while working abroad is such a challenging part in parenthood because even if you are away from home you must still guide your children and be a responsible parent to them. Children must still feel the love, care, and support of their parents.

However, this challenge is now being taking care of the technology we are enjoying right now. Internet will allow people and families to communicate to each other even if they are miles apart. Keeping in touch can build strong relationship to the family members, most especially to the children.

Tips on How to Raise Children Even Working Overseas

1. Explain to them the reason why you need to work abroad

As a parent it is your obligation to make your children understand your main reason on leaving them behind to work abroad. Tell them that you are doing it for the better life of the family, so that you can send your children to school, provide the needs of the family, and have a brighter future. In time, they will surely understand and appreciate all your efforts, hardships, and sacrifice for them.

2. Regular communication with your children

Take the opportunity to use the Internet to keep in touch with your children. They must not feel being lonely even if you are not with them, you must make time to call them regularly.

3. Ask your spouse or relatives about the progress of your children at school and at home

It is very important to check your children’s doing while you are away. You can simply ask your spouse or trusted guardian about your children, they are one who can ensure the safety and well-being of the kids. Discussing parenthood matters is such an important thing on knowing your children’s study habits, discipline, and personal growth.

4. Stay updated and involved with your children’s activities.

We all know that working overseas will make you away from the family, but this is not a hindrance to stay updated with your kids’ daily activities. Just like tip number 3, make use of the internet; ask them about their progress and weaknesses at home and at school. Celebrations must not also be forgotten, especially their birthdays, school programs, and contests. Make sure they can feel your full support and love for them.

5. Vacation time must be with the family

After months or years working abroad it is important to spend your vacation together with your family or relatives to have quality time and make memorable experiences together. Bonding with each other will make your family relationship strong.

We can say that being an OFW parent is a tough job indeed, but you can take it as a challenge. All your sacrifices for the family will eventually have a good result. You must always be a responsible parent, express love, care, and support for your family.

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