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Compete Guidelines of claiming and spending the "stimulus vouchers" from the government of Taiwan

Here are the guidelines of the Stimulus vouchers which will be distributed by Taiwan government to boost the economy after it was hit by the pandemic COVID-19.

1. Paper:
(1) Post Office: From July 15 to the post office, 1000 yuan will be exchanged for a 3000 yuan promotion ticket.

(2) Online pre-order: July 1 through online pre-order, starting from July 15 at 4 big supermarkets (1000 yuan in exchange for 3,000 yuan promotion coupon)

2. Electronic payment: Bundled online from July 1st, and accumulatively spent 3,000 yuan on July 15th, and deposited 2,000 yuan in APP notification.

3. Electronic ticket (yo-yo card, card, etc.) online binding from July 1st, cumulative consumption of 3,000 yuan from July 15th, and over 2,000 yuan for card repayment by merchants.

4. Credit card: From July 1st, the online binding will start, and the accumulated consumption will start at 3,000 yuan on July 15th, and the SMS will inform the account of 2,000 yuan to deduct the bill.

Q: Denomination on paper?
There are 5 pieces of denominations of 200 yuan and 4 pieces of 500 yuan on paper. No cash, no change, and no stored value.

Q: When is it used?
Pre-orders will begin on July 1st, and the vouchers will be activated on July 15th and will be available until December 31st.

Q: What are the eligibility criteria?
Only one per person is allowed. Taiwan Nationals, foreign (with ARC) or land spouses who have obtained residence permits, and low-income households and other disadvantaged persons can receive them directly.

Q: Are there any restrictions on use?
 Usage restrictions: Not applicable to e-commerce online shopping, tax payment, stored value, fines, fees, tobacco products, insurance policies, stocks, national annuities, credit card fees, gift certificates

Q: How should the store redeem?
There is a unified store: it can be exchanged at the post office or bank, and it will be transferred to the store, enterprise or person in charge account

Non-organized store: commissioned by the commercial district, night market management committee, autonomous association and other units to post office, bank exchange, will be transferred to the account and then distributed to the store


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